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What is affiliate marketing?

The easy way to some it up is affiliate marketing is when you advertise someone else’s product, website or service in exchange for a commission. Most people do this with the intent to make money, yet I’m sure not everyone does. Most people think you have to sell other peoples stuff stuff in order to make money, however, this is not true.

An affiliate marketer is an on-line advertiser. They can make money when someone simply clicks on an ad. They can earn money when someone buys a product they promote or even a service such as Netflix. They can even make money if someone decides to do a free trial with a product or website. You can even make money if someone fills out a form on-line, also known as Lead Generation Networks. These networks will pay you if you get some one to request a quote or free trial of something. This is one of the best ways to make money online. Getting paid to market and promote other peoples and companies stuff or services.

A lot of people may think making money online evolves around selling people stuff they don’t need. However, most affiliate marketers, make most of their money off of selling information. They understand that information is power and it will always be needed. It’s an industry that won’t ever die no matter how the economy is doing. How many professions do you know that are recession proof. Even in these hard economic times, this industry is actually growing and paying out more commissions than ever.

There are tons of different ways to make money on-line, but I believe affiliate marketing to be the best one. Companies will pay you a set commission if you help them generate a lead or help them to make a sell. A lot of companies offer affiliate programs that will pay you 50-75% commission on the sale of a product. Some companies that offer a new product or item that sells well, will also offer cash bonuses for the top earners.

The best thing about affiliate programs is that most big companies have one. People would never know you could make money promoting Groupon if you didn’t tell them. This affiliate program is great because your selling a service that they would normally use or want to try anyway. Wal-Mart is another good affiliate program. Who doesn’t or hasn’t shopped at wal-mart before? To find other great affiliate programs and networks, check my other blog at http://www.bestaffiliatemarketingtool-helpfull34.blogspot.com


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